Model K1 Belt




The K1 Belt is specifically designed for sheet-to-sheet applications. It can laminate materials onto foam or other materials such as rubber, melamine, EPDM, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyurethane, etc. Thanks to the special material conveyor system, it ensures optimisation of all sheet-to-sheet applications, integrating them with slitting or cross cutting systems. Depending on the applications and materials, contactless sensors are also available to detect the presence, thickness and colour of the sheets.

Technical Specifications

  • Laminator machine with heatable rollers with integrated cutting system
  • Conveyor belt for material transport
  • Contactless sheet-control sensors available for: presence, thickness, colour (depending on materials and applications)
  • Electronically controlled speed up to 20 m/min.
  • Roller temperature heated up to 90° C
  • Available for material widths from 1600 mm to 2100 mm


Customisable to customer specification with the following devices:

  • Slit shear razor blade cut or crush cutting system
  • Cross cutting with motorised blade or “flying cut”
  • Expanding air shafts (Ø 50-153mm 2-6”)
  • Liner Remover
  • Scraps removal device
  • Input systems using table, roller conveyor, conveyor belt or “pick and place” system
  • Material output using table, roller conveyor, conveyor belt or automatic “pick and place” system
  • External unwinders managed by PLC
  • Automatic alignment system through contactless sensors
  • Speed and tension control managed by PLC