K1 Easy Laminator Learn More The IMESA K1 Easy Laminator is a compact, simple and economical entry level laminator for the lamination of heat-activated or cold bond adhesives to foams, textiles, adhesive & non-adhesive tapes, rubber, cork and similar products. K1 DS Double Sided Laminator Learn More The IMESA K1 DS Double Sided Laminating System is the ideal laminator to applying self-adhesive papers or films to both the top and bottom of various materials including foams and rubbers, adhesive & non-adhesive tapes, foam tapes, fiberglass, non-wovens, technical textiles and similar materials. KK1 Systems Laminator Learn More The IMESA KK1 Systems Laminator combines the ability to laminate adhesive and self-adhesive tapes to both the top & bottom of materials along with liner removal, in-line slitting & sheeting capabilities. KK2 Multi-Layer Laminating Systems Learn More The IMESA KK2 Multi-Layer Laminating System combines the same advanced features as the KK1 series but also the ability to produce custom composites from fabric to foam, foil to foam, and similar materials using hot melt films and pressure-sensitive adhesives. MOD K1 BELT Learn More The K1 Belt is specifically designed for sheet-to-sheet applications. It can laminate materials onto foam or other materials such as rubber, melamine, EPDM, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyurethane, etc. MOD K1 HOT-MELT Learn More Laminator machine for laminating flexible materials with melting unit for hot-melt glue. Thanks to this specially designed roller, the laminator machine can laminate materials by applying hot glue with a dedicated head/melting unit. This laminator machine can work continuously to guarantee the benefits and specific features of hot-melt glue applications.