FLEX S Series The ATOM Dieless Knife Cutting Table, FlashCut FLEX S Series, is equipped with a static working surface and represents the optimal dieless cutting solution for all the traditional gasket materials including. Robustness of structure, reliability and precision are the main features of the S line. Learn More FLEX B Series The ATOM FlashCut FLEX B Series is equipped with a conveyorized (belt feed) cutting surface and represents the optimal digital cutting solution for a wide range of industries. The continuous cutting operation performed by the conveyor-bed offers maximum production and throughput of cut parts. Learn More FLEX 2H Series Learn More The ATOM FLEX 2H Series, is a new dieless cutting technology designed with two independent multi-tool cutting heads and is available as a static bed for sheets or equipped with a transport cutting belt for processing materials in rolls. Engineered and designed to cut the hardest materials used in the petro-chemical, automotive, aerospace, composites & technical textiles, & packaging industries. FLEX HD Series The ATOM High Daylight Dieless Knife Cutting Table, FlashCut FLEX “HD” Series, is the ideal dieless cutting solution for cutting soft & semi-rigid materials up to 130mm in thickness. The HD series can be equipped 3 different pneumatic oscillating knife chucks with 3 different blade widths and multiple lengths. Learn More FLEX EMHD Series The ATOM FlashCut EMHD 2Z Axis Dieless Knife Cutting & Milling System was studied and developed for companies that produce case inserts, packaging components and sound dampening materials made from soft, rigid and convoluted foams with a maximum thickness of 110mm. Learn More