ATOM IntelliScanner Shape Acquisition System The ATOM IntelliScanner automatically acquires & corrects pre-cut components to export data in ATOM format ready to be cut or in DXF format to be imported in any CAD system. Learn More ATOM IntelliView Off-Line Acquisition & Nesting Module The Intelliview models can automatically acquire leather contour of any type and color. The lighting system and exclusive FlashTracer optical pen allow a clear visualization of the surface area and ease the quality marking. IntelliView range include both static and conveyorized off-line models. Learn More ATOM IntelliScan Scanning Acquisition System & Nesting Module After being marked with predefined signs and symbols, the leather hide is positioned on the scanning table where the linear scanner runs the entire length of the table acquiring the leather outline & it’s qualitative characteristics. Learn More ATOM Automatic Nesting Software ATOM offers a variety of nesting solutions designed for a variety of materials and industries; offering the “complete cutting solution”, since we deliver our experience, the software package and the cutting system. Learn More