ATOM FlashCut EASY Series The ease of use, compact design and the possibility to import the
shapes from any CAD system make the EASY series particularly
suitable for any sample departments, small-medium converting
operations & laboratories that need to rapidly produce samples & prototypes.
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ATOM FlashCut FLEX Series FlashCut FLEX Series are available in several configurations with either a static or conveyorized (belt feed) cutting surface engineered and designed to cut the hardest materials like compressed non-asbestos, 1-2 layer steel inserted graphite, dense rubber, 6 lb. cross linked polyethelene foam, Kevlar, plastics, and many more. Learn More ATOM FlashCut TWINS Series The modular head with two independent vertical axes allows for sequential working capable of processing materials up to 55mm, matching a wide range of cutting, milling, creasing, ink-jet printing & punching tools guaranteed to optimize your production workflow. Learn More ATOM FlashCut SPEEDY Series Learn More The ATOM FlashCut SPEEDY Series High Production CNC Cutting Systems, is a new cutting technology combining flexibility and output. ATOM engineered a cutting solution with two independent multi-tool cutting heads with transport cutting belt or the combination of a transport cutting belt with “pinch-grab” material feeding pincers granting more versatility & productivity. ATOM FlashCut FASHION Series FlashCut FASHION Series represent the new benchmark in leather goods and footwear production. Their two cutting heads, precision, speed & reliability, joined with an ergonomic design & easy-to-use software interface, enable you to reach high production results & maximum throughput. Learn More Acquisition Systems & Software Nesting software and acquisition systems are key factors of the ATOM dieless cutting solution. Actually, it completes the cutting system, optimizing material yield and dramatically reducing the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed. Learn More