Chiesa 2-Axis Automatic Traveling Head Press Learn More Chiesa's CNC Traveling Head Cutting System with 2 numerically controlled axes are a simple and cost-effective die cutting solution for cutting rigid & semi-rigid materials in rolls or joined sheets. With two axis control, this die cutting press increases material yields, reduces labor, and with cutting speeds up to 60 strokes per minute dramatically increases productivity. Chiesa 3-Axis Automatic Traveling Head Press Learn More The Chiesa F1 EDI CNC Traveling Head Press, with 3 numerically controlled axes, incorporates an electrically servo driven cutting head without the use of hydraulics. This ‘GREEN’ technology reduces power consumption up to 50%, eliminates all the maintenance associated with hydraulic components, and improves overall accuracy, repeatability & production throughout. Chiesa CNC Cutting Press w/ Matched Metal Tooling Learn More This unique die cutting solution offers die cutters & converters the ability to process their materials in the original wide web format eliminating the costly & time consuming step of slitting the material down to a narrow width roll or sheet thus increasing material utilization significantly.