ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Presses ATOM has over 65 years of experience manufacturing swing arm
clicker presses, and with over 250,000 machines sold, is considered
the world's leading producer.
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RFS Co. Mec Platen Presses Learn More RFS Hydraulic Up-Stroke Heated Platen & Cutting Presses are versatile machines able to support total cutting & kiss-cutting, crease/seal applications, molding & trimming, plating, printing & embossing a wide range of products, both natural & synthetic. ATOM Manual Traveling Heads ATOM's travelling head cutting presses are the best performing cutting presses available today. The wide range of models, options and configurations make them able to satisfy any production need in a wide range of industrial applications. Learn More ATOM & Chiesa Beam Presses ATOM & CHIESA line of Full Head Beam Die Cutting Presses are widely used when high cutting power and/or large cutting dies are required. They can handle both single and multiple shape cutting dies with cutting powers ranging from 77 to 330 tons. Learn More CHIESA CNC Traveling Heads CHIESA's CNC Traveling Head Die Cutting Systems with 2 or 3 controlled axes are cutting robots, granting power, precision, speed & with the powerful advanced nesting software, maximize material utilization. Learn More