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F.E.B.A. F300 Single Knife Lathe Slitter

The F.E.B.A. model F300 automatic single knife lathe slitter is the ideal slitting machine for small converters or low production requirements. The F300 is suitable for slitting a wide range of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes, small rolls of foam and rubber, textiles and similar products. Penetration speeds are adjustable via hydraulics and the displacement of the slitting head can be either electronic or pneumatic.
Technical Specifications
Material Width 1.200mm-1.600mm
Maximum Log OD w. 250mm Blade 200mm
Maximum Log OD w. 400mm Blade 350mm
Cutting Widths (Electronic Version) 3-1600mm
Cutting Widths (Pneumatic Version) 3-150mm
Indexing Tolerance 0.1mm
Blade Speed Range fixed @ 400 RPM
Material Speed Range 0-1000 RPM
    Main Operating Features
    • One circular slitting blade @ 250mm or 400mm with an automatic stainless steel guard.
    • Automatic single sided blade diamond wheel polishing device with 1 x 0.20 kW motor (Back Angle Sharpener as Option)
    • Automatic blade lubrication device w. recirculation to prevent adhesive build-up
    • Adustable hydraulic single blade penetration speed. (Double penetration speeds as Option)
    • Adjustable dwell period for the holding of the blade against the shaft to perform clean core cutting
    • Adjustable blade 'AXIS' angle. (Automatic as Option)
    • One 3" rotating shaft covered withrubber sleeves with automatic internal core gripping & manual external material gripping.
    • Manual shaft holder device.

    Industrial PLC Type OMRON Level 1 (2 Monochromatic Stripes) with:
    • Alpha
    • numeric display
    • Full diagnostic control
    • Solid state alarm
    • Lathe slitting instructions w. fault finding
    • Adjustable dwell period for the holding of the blade against the shaft to perform clean core cutting
    • All slitting operations stored into the PLC including;
      -slit widths
      -mandrel speed in RPM
      -mandrel directions (CW & CCW)
      -blade speed in RPM
      -blade directions (CW, CCW or Freewheel)
      -auto polishing frequency
      -dwell timer
      -20 recipes
All F.E.B.A. machines are fitted with electronic photo-sensors which inform the PLC that the following features are operable before the automatic operation is carried out:
guard down and in place.
shaft holder up and in place.
This is in accordance with 1995 EEC regulations. All electrics & photo-sensors are manufactured in accordance with CENELEC EN 60204-1

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