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Manufacturers Supplies Company Products and Supplies

Engravers of steel and brass embossing dies.
Manufacturers of steel and brass type wheels, date codes and ftc plates.

   4220 Rider Trail North        St. Louis, MO 63045        TEL: 1-314-770-0880        FAX: 1-314-770-0990
Email information@mfgsup.com
Cutting Pads & Boards
Pad Planing Services:
Cutting Belts:
Brass and Steel Embossing Dies:
Type Wheels, Date Codes and FTC Plates:
Hot Stamping/Embossing Foils:
Hot Melt Adhesives
Water Bases Adhesives
Hand Knives:
Slitting Blades (Variety of Sizes):
Sharpening Stones and Wheels:
Scissors and Shears:
Consulting Services:
Web Hosting Design and Debelopment for the Converting Industry: