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Specialists in Precision Cutting & Converting Technologies
Providing Solutions Since 1907

Guidolin Narrow Web Converting Systems

Guidolin Girotto is a certified leader in the engineering and manufacturing of high-speed, mechanical flat-bed die cutting presses, rotary die cutting machines, dieless laser & knife cutting systems, guillotine cutters & narrow web laminators.  Their range of converting equipment are studied and developed to kiss-cut and totally cut any non-metallic flexible material like adhesive & double sided adhesive tapes (3M, Tesa, Avery, Lohmann, Scapa), VHB, foam materials with open or closed cells, coupled materials, plastics, felts, abrasives, filters, Velcro, rubber, gaskets, labels, technical, medical & electronic materials.

Guidolin Girotto’s machines can be used in a wide variety of industries.  Besides the standard versions, they can be equipped with various optional systems based on the customer’s specific converting requirements.  They can laminate, change & add a liner, die cut & emboss, register, remove the scrap, expel die cut pieces, longitudinally cut/kiss cut, transversally cut to create sets, rewind the material etc..

Our technical skills and experience in the field allow us to constantly develop innovative strategies in cutting solutions and in our machinery range, in order to satisfy the requirements of complex applications by ensuring rapid and high cutting precision.

Excellent quality standards, high cutting precision, power and versatility are distinctive features of our machinery which qualify our company as a world leader in the narrow web converting market - Recognized worldwide as the machine of choice by preferred 3M converters.

Automated Flat Bed Die Cutting Systems: The Guidolin Girotto high speed electro-mechanical die cutting machinery are the ideal narrow web cutting presses for converters of adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes, laminated foams (open & closed cell), converters in the automotive field (internal gaskets & car emblems), manufacturers of electronic devices etc.. 

Rotary Die Cutting Machinery: Guidolin Girotto manufactures a complete range of versatile rotary die cutting & converting systems studied and developed for the die cutting & kiss cutting of adhesive & double sided adhesive tapes, labels, foams & plastics, composite materials, abrasives, cork, & textiles. 

Laser Cutting & Converting Systems: The Guidolin Girotto Laser Cutting & Converting System offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for processing simple and complex geometries without the use of traditional hard tooling – superior part quality that cannot be replicated in the traditional die cutting process. 

Dieless Knife Cutting System: The FFC is a complete narrow web converting platform coupling the ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting Table with Guidolin Girotto web handling equipment.  This concept allows converters the convenience of kiss-cutting in roll-roll form without the use of hard tooling.

Guillotine Cutting Systems: The Guidolin Girotto electronic automatic guillotine cutting system is designed to laminate, slit & sheet a wide range of adhesive & double sided adhesive tapes, foam tapes, labels, plastics & similar materials using a blade & counter-blade system.