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Atom Clicker Presses

Swing beam clicker presses are among the most widely used die cutting machines in the world. ATOM has over 60 years of experience manufacturing clicker presses, and with thousands of machines sold, is considered among the world leading producers of swing beam clicker presses. The constant attention to customers' feedback has allowed them to produce a product able to satisfy the needs of reliability, productivity & energy savings. The hydraulic system, designed & patented by ATOM, enables their machines to generate a cutting power up to 25 tons using just a 1HP motor, thus electric power absorption is very limited. The strong durable casting gives maximum beam strength & performance which ensures quiet yet powerful operations. All of the moving parts are self lubricating and the hardened steel construction insures optimal performace. When you purchase an ATOM swingbeam clicker press through Manufacturers Supplies Company, you can expect the same level of quality, performance, ease of use, technical assistance & safety that ATOM ensures to their customers.

Following are the three lines of clicker presses manufactured by ATOM: SE Series, Multiforce Series and SAB Series.
   SE Series Multiforce Series SAB Series

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