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Applications and Industrial Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is used to optimize processes, applications, and production across a wide range of industries including electronic, automotive, medical, metalworking, woodworking, printing, packaging, HVAC and other specialty industries.

When you need just-in-time manufacturing, laser technology is the ideal converting solution. Machines with this capability increase the accuracy of your overall production by ensuring clean lines and precise detailing on your finished products. You may want to consider laser cutting if you are currently converting components from the following materials:

  •          Label Stock & PSA
  •          Laminates
  •          VHB Tapes
  •          Films
  •          Foils
  •          Papers
  •          Foams
  •          Rubber
  •          Coated Fabrics
  •          Mats
  •          Double Sided Adhesives
  •          Gaskets
  •          Plastics
  •          Textiles
  •          Difficult Abrasive Materials
  •          Aggressive Adhesive Materials

How Laser Cutting Works

Laser cutting directs the output of a high-power laser through optics to cut and engrave materials into programmable designs and dimensions. Precision laser cutting can be used to produce through holes, slots, and diameters that are significantly smaller (and at tighter tolerances) than results generated by other converting processes. It is a dieless process, meaning no hard tools are needed, eliminating expensive and time-consuming die costs.

Key Capabilities and Functions of Laser Cutter Systems

  •          Perforating
  •          Cutting
  •          Seaming
  •          Etching
  •          Engraving
  •          Welding
  •          Marking
  •          Drilling

As it makes its way across the material, the laser vaporizes material in the beam path, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish, eliminating the need for complex extraction methods to remove scrap and smaller pieces usually left behind by other cutting machine. This method of material modification allows you to quickly change designs while also improving the quality of finished parts.

Types of Laser Cutting Processes

Ablation of Material – Material ablation is a process that virtually removes the material completely from the top to the bottom of the surface or partially from the top of the material to a pre-set specified depth. 

Laser Die Cutting – Laser die cutting is the complete removal and separation of the material from the top surface to the bottom surface along a designated path generated by the CNC or G-Code of the pattern to be cut.  Laser die cutting can also include processes like kiss-cutting, slitting, perforation, through-cuts and/or slug removal.

Laser Engraving – Laser engraving is the process by which material is removed from the top surface down to a specified depth.  By continuously varying the laser power, laser engraving can be used for textures, images, bar-codes, text and numbers.

Laser Marking – Laser marking, which is essentially engraving the material, is a broader category of methods to leave marks on an object to produce a readable identification or information such as a barcode, lot code, serial number or a part number.  This technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve tooling which contact the engraving surface & eventually wear out, giving it a significant advantage over alternative engraving or marking technologies where inks or tools have to replaced regularly.

Combined Processes – Digital laser processing is a proven, viable solution for processing a wide variety of materials.  The multiple processes referenced above can be combined to total cut, kiss-cut and engrave or mark various substrates in roll or sheet form in both continuous, start-stop and tracking models.

Advantages of Your Business Investing in a Laser Cutter

  •          100% Savings in Tooling Costs
  •          40% Increase in Material Yields
  •          40% Reduction in Job Changeovers
  •          Increased Flexibility in Designs
  •          Increased Precision Levels & Edge Quality
  •          Increased Depth of Cut Control
  •          Total Cut, Kisscut & Engrave on Same Layout
  •          Increased Productivity on Short and Long Runs
  •          Ease of Use and Increased Throughput

Laser Cutters to Keep in Mind

The Guidolin Girotto RO Series galvanometer laser cutting systems have revolutionized the way converters and application specialists conduct their manufacturing processes.  A Galvanometer Laser is typically used for cutting thinner substrates, less than 3mm in thickness.  The laser beam is delivered by two rotating mirrors instead of a gantry system, allowing the galvanometer laser to function at a level ten times faster than a flatbed laser. Here are a few models to keep in mind if you want an extra boost in your production and product quality.

RO 175 EL – The RO EL Series is a cost-effective, entry level laser die cutting solution. With a 175mm working width, this machine is engineered to handle anything from labels, to adhesive tapes, double sided adhesives, VHB tape, textiles, paper, foam, rubber, silicone, PU, PE, PET, polycarbonates, polyethylene, polypropylene, abrasives and similar products.

RO 250 – The RO 250 model has a useful working width of 250mm and is the ideal solution for converters that demand versatility, combining our traditional RO series rotary converting platform with a laser cutting module. The machine’s combination of functionality allows for new systems to be installed on the machine without modifying the original set-up—expanding your overall variety of solutions.

RO 350 – The RO 350 series is a highly-efficient CO2 “Self-Refilling” laser source, ideal for applications on adhesives, plastics, graphics, overlays, labels and similar materials. It offers the most flexibility and production throughput for materials up to 350mm in width.  Depending on the application, the speeds of the RO 350 can reach up to 100 Mts/Min.

Come See the RO 175 EL Laser

Manufacturers Supply is showcasing this machine and others at the IADD, come stop by for a demonstration on the showroom floor. But no matter if you’re ready to see it for yourself or would like to learn a bit more about how these machines will help you profit, you can contact us at any time to ensure that your needs are met. 

Premier Cutting Solutions for the Automotive and Furniture Industry

Cutting-Edge Knife Tables

The Versatile Strength of the ATOM FlashCut Flex 2H 3026 B3

For the Automotive and Furniture Industries, timing and precision is absolutely necessary. When it comes to fabrics, leathers, foams, or any textile, the accuracy of your cuts and measurements will make or break your product quality. Thankfully, the solution is simple, versatile, and powerful.  The ATOM FlashCut FLEX B Series is a collection of Dieless Knife Cutting Systems that provide turnkey solutions for design projects.

6 Key Points of Strength

  •          Robust
  •          Smart
  •          Powerful
  •          Versatile
  •          Automatic
  •          Interactive

By combining rapid prototyping, seamless manufacturing, and a unique software package, the Flex B series streamlines the design process and yields consistent, accurate results.  These systems are the premiere dieless cutting solution for a wide range of industries.


Specialized Materials


Honeycomb, Foam, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Graphite, Plastics, Laminates, Leather, Sound Dampening Foams, Upholstery Materials, Glass Fibers, Plastics, Gaskets


Kevlar, Carbon Fibers, Glass Fibers, Pre-Preg, Breather, Films


Adhesives, Foam, Rubber, Gaskets


Leather, Wool, Cotton, Silk, Denim, Foam, Polyester, Canvas, Textiles, Counters, Box Toe Materials

Furniture/ Upholstery

Leather, Fiberfill, Foam, Plastic, Cardboard, Woven Materials, Synthetic Textiles

Gasket/Conveyor Belting

6mm Non-Asbestos, Tang Graphite, Cork, Rubber, Foam, Fish Paper, Plastics


Corrugated, PU, PE, PP, Styrene, Laminated Foam, Convoluted Foam

Technical Textiles

Kevlar, Micro-Fibers, Goretex, Velcro, PVC, Vinyl

The most recent evolution of the FLEX series, the FlashCut Flex 2H 3026 B3 boasts several improvements in technology, software and structure. Its new compact design makes this machine extremely flexible, and capable of completing a wide range of industrial applications—making this machine the best solution for cutting leather and textile around.

Key Functionality of the Flex 2H 3026 B3

2H Configuration

The continuous cutting operation performed by the conveyor-bed offers maximum production. Two independent gantries, each equipped with a 5-Tool Cutting Head, ensures increased throughput & productivity—guaranteeing from 9 to 12 Full Hides per Hour. The material is fed onto the bed of the machine from the material handling device (material can be in roll or sheet form) into the cutting zone. 

The 5-tool cutting head increases the overall versatility of the ATOM Flashcut B Series and can be equipped with the following features:

  •          Fixed, Electric Oscillation (EOK)
  •          Pneumatic Oscillating (PNEU)
  •          Powered Rotary Cutter (PRC)
  •          Powerful 11kW Vacuum Pump
  •          Unique Zoned Vacuum Table
  •          Independent Inverter Controlled Sectors
  •          Side Auxiliary Tools:
    • Rotating Punches/Drilling Stations
    • Kiss Cut Tool
    • Creaser Wheel
    • 45° Angle Knife
    • Marking Pen
    • 3rd Non-Rotating Punch Station
    • Pricker Tool

Vision Plus 3026 B In-Line Hide Acquisition System

High Brightness Overhead Projection

The overhead projectors allow for a clear visualization of parts and commands for all materials run through the machine. This allows the cutting operation to be faster, more accurate, and less wasteful—fabricators enjoy the flexibility of these projectors because they allow easy cuts from any remnant or scrap, no matter how irregular the shape.

Scanning Module: Recognition & Interpretation Software 

In addition to systems for pre-marked hides, the FlashCut scanning system automatically acquires the necessary data from the material you wish to cut. The analytic process reports provide precise and reliable information helping production management.

Through powerful nesting software, the FlashCut Flex 2H 3026 B3 system is capable of recognizing the outer leather contour, quality areas, potential flaws/defects, and reference points of any hide. This system uses an advanced algorithm for symbols recognition and interpretation, which, when paired with LED lighting from the projector and the closeness of the acquisition point to the material, ensures accuracy of cuts on any color hide, in any light environment.

Conveyor System with Independent Take-Off Table

The basic structure of the FlashCut Flex 2H 3026 B3 boasts two independently working areas. After the materials have been cut on one half of the table, they are automatically indexed to the take-off table. The operator can then (by means of the foot control bar) index the cut pieces forward to the nominal working position and collect them comfortably and quickly. The operator can strip the cut parts while the machine automatically reloads the material and the cutting process continues, proving unbeatable performance and continuous production.  

Producing High Productivity: The FlashCut Flex at Work

From its key strengths to its functionality, it’s clear: this machine is a game changer for the any industry that requires precise, accurate materials for production. If you still aren’t convinced, check out these machines at work.

Manufacturers Supply Company is a proud provider of the ATOM FlashCut Flex 2H 3026 B3. This machine will be on order for our customers soon, and we will be hosting a Leather Cutting Technologies Open House at our facility near the middle to end of July 2017. This is a unique opportunity to see this machine in person, and to learn about all of the cutting solutions that will benefit your company and improve your manufacturing process. Please contact us for more details about this event. 

The Benefits of Pure Waterjet Cutting

The power of waterjet cutting lies within its precision and accuracy. Because pure waterjet cutting uses only water, it helps prevent damage to the finished components of your projects—no matter the detail of the cuts involved.

5 Advantages of cutting with a Pure Waterjet Cutter:

  •          Quick Cutting Speeds
  •          Reduction of Heat-Affected Zones
  •          Precise Cuts
  •          Reduced Environmental Impact
  •          Minimal Finishing Requirements

Waterspeedy S: A High-Quality Production System You Can Trust

The Waterspeedy S waterjet cutting system delivers accurate cuts in a timely manner. This versatile, high-performance machine is designed to handle all flexible materials including: plastics, rubbers, foams, specialized packaging, sound dampening components, composites layered materials, industrial gaskets, and other technical materials.

Key Advantages and Features of the Waterspeedy S

Increased Productivity

Structurally, this compact machine is divided into two areas to help you load and unload materials while the machine is working. It also features multiple high-speed cutting heads that allow for a quick turnaround on multiple materials. Functionally, all main operations can be managed from a mobile control panel, enabling the operator direct control of the worktable all around the machine, as well as updates on machine parameters, consumption, and cutting time. The interface allows easy adjustments for various production functions and is equipped with a color monitor showing a graphic simulation of the cutting path while the machine works.

High Performance Volume

The Waterspeedy S features 3-axis cutting heads that are able to achieve optimal performance during the cutting process. Each of these components is perfectly aligned and self-centering to guarantee a fast replacement. It can perform straight and complex-shape cuts, up to 200mm—even with a minimal radius. This cutting system can manage up to 12 interpolated axesthat are able to run at a high speeds. The CNC system automatically manages the tool diameter, the contour vector speed and the slowdown when cutting angles.

Secure Cutting

Any material you work with on this machine is secured on the apparatus by a stainless steel honeycomb. This strong structure is the ideal support for lightweight materials and reduces the water splash back during every cut. It’s max loading capacityis 150 kg. The system’s TC2020 CAD/CAM Software allows complete management of the waterjet cutting system technology, and features the following capabilities:

  •          Drawing (CAD – 2D and 3D Shapes)
  •          Materials Database
  •          Cutting Lists and Programs
  •          Conicity Correction (JDE)
  •          Recap of Cut Performance

Undeniable Safety

The machine is equipped with devices and systems to assure the highest safety level while running.

Safety Features


Plexiglass Windows

  •          Safe machine maintenance and repairs
  •          Minimized noise
  •          Prevents contact with mechanical parts

Z-Axis Motor Brake

  •          Automatically stops in case of voltage breakdown

Chain Supports

  •          Separates electric and water cables

Cutting Head Guards

  •          Protection from water splash back

Photoelectric Barriers

  •          Prevent contact with working beds during pallet change

Vacuum System

  •          Allows steam evacuation and to help light material to stay on the machine bed

Lubrication System

  •          Automatic lubrication of all axes, at regular intervals
  •          No manual operation or machine stop
  •          Pressure control

Manufacturers Supplies Company Has You Covered

The Waterspeedy S is the result of careful planning to satisfy the needs of every customer: high productivity, exceptional quality, and unquestionable safety standards. That is our standard at Manufacturers Supplies Company – top-quality supplies that provide the support you need to get the job done. Over the years, we have partnered with only the highest quality and most reputable equipment manufacturers in the world, solidifying our reputation as the leading supplier of industrial converting systems and solutions. For the highest quality waterjet systems, please check out our wide selection. For more information about our Waterspeedy series, or questions about our cutting solutions please contact us

Flexible Flashcut (FFC) Dieless Knife Cutting Systems

When it comes to machines, work or anything really, flexibility is a great benefit to have. Flexibility is even better when it increases your productivity. At Manufacturers Supplies Co. we’ve realized this, and so have the brilliant minds at Guidolin Girroto and ATOM. We now offer several dieless knife cutting systems that are flexible enough for hundreds of applications, designs, and materials. These machines will help you slice the cost of production, time spent on labor, and the amount of materials you use in half. Here are a few cutting-edge machines that you can start putting to work for you.

Guidolin Girotto Narrow Web

Guidolin Girotto Dieless Knife Cutting System

From cutting to lamination, to so much more, the possibilities are endless with the Guidolin Girotto Narrow Web Dieless Knife Cutting System.

Topping the list is the Guidolin Girotto Narrow Web Dieless Knife Cutting System. Combining the ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting Table with Guidolin Girotto’s web handling equipment, this product combines two of the best brands in the industry into a single piece of machinery that will make you say “Wow!” But this machine promises more than just top-of-the-line quality. It delivers results. Previously impossible projects are now possible, especially for 3M converter markets. Start enjoying the benefits of lamination, liner change assembly, in-line printing capabilities, scrap removal, part expulsion or stacking, transversal guillotine cutting, slitting and rewinding. Whether you need to cut thicker foams, heavy rubber, or a variety of other materials up to 25mm in thickness, this machine can handle it. When it comes to flexibility and power, you can count on this Guilodine Girotto cutting system to get the job done.

Atom Flex S

Atom Flex S-Flashcut

The FLEX S Series is one of the four cutting tables available in the family of ATOM Dieless Knife Cutting Systems.


How can we follow the power just one machine? With a full series of ATOM Flashcut FLEX machinery. Each unit in the series is a knife cutting table with a variety of configurations that have revolutionized the cutting industry. Regardless of the configuration, you can expect precision and repeatability within 0.1mm with most materials! That means you can start putting the same high level of precision that the automotive and aerospace industries demand to work for you. Backed by 65 years of experience and a commitment to continuously improve, these flashcut machines provide the precision, reliability, and – most importantly – the results you want. ATOM has worked hard to drastically improve the cutting heads, tooling options, electronics, software, and design of these machines so you can be sure that you’re using the best cutting tables available.

When you invest in a cutting machine, you’re investing in the results that it can provide. Whether you want an easier production flow, faster production, or a lower cost of production, you will want to invest in equipment that is flexible, powerful, and reliable. When it comes to cutting systems that provide all of those things and more, the Guidolin Girotto Narrow Web Dieless Knife Cutting System and ATOM Flashcut FLEX Machinery simply can’t be bested.

After reviewing our website, if you have any additional questions about how either of these cuttings systems can solve your company’s needs, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to answer any questions or clarify information about these machines. Thank you for considering Manufacturers Supplies Co.!

Atom Flashcut Twins Series

ATOM is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing of dieless knife cutting tables and systems. After the success of ATOM’S popular “FLEX” series, the company was inspired to design something new that was built upon the experience and knowledge that it has gained in production fields and processes. Thus, ATOM’s Flashcut TWINS series was born. With state-of-the-art electronics, precision, and advanced engineering that allows users to cut even the hardest materials, the TWINS series is one of the most advanced cutting solutions available. With both a standard model and an EMH model, this series is ideal for the aerospace, composite and technical textile industries. These machines will not only exceed your expectations for  getting the job done, but they will likely give you a leg up on the competition.

Which model in ATOM’s Flashcut TWINS Series is right for your business? Let’s explore your options.

Standard Flashcut TWINS Model

The standard TWINS series model allows for sequential working with its modular head and two independent vertical axes slots. The modular head and two slots also match numerous cutting, creasing, marking and punching tools. ATOM’s ultrasonic cutting system is both versatile in the materials that it can handle as well as providing precision that you can depend on.

Who is this model right for? Businesses that want to perform different jobs with a tool that is as specific as possible to the job.

Atom Standard TWINS

Whether a project entails cutting, creasing, marking or punching, ATOM’S standard TWINS model allows you to take on multiple processes from a single table.

Flashcut TWINS EMH Model

The TWINS EMH (Electric Milling Head) model allows for sequential or separate use with the cutting knife and router. Two different types of routers are available, with a power of 1 or 2.4 kW, air cooling system, variation of speed rate during milling, and a vacuum cleaning system with electric height regulation.

Who is this model right for? Businesses looking to combine the process of cutting foam or rigid materials as well as a vast number of other materials with a single tool.


ATOM’s TWINS EMH model provides two different types of routers allowing for sequential or separate use. Now you combine multiple processes with one tool!

Selecting the Right Cutting System for Your Business

No matter which model you choose, there are several benefits that you can expect. First and foremost, they are safe for the operator. Second, they have a high brightness projection system that clearly visualizes materials in an energy efficient manner. Last, there is a “smart” partitioned vacuum system that allows optimal fixing by concentrating on a specific part of the cutting surface.

Of course, all of this is backed by the extreme precision and repeatability that ATOM is known for. With the ability to cut materials within plus or minus 0.1mm on most materials, the Flashcut TWINS Series fully represent the company’s ability to capture the latest innovations in the market. How will you put that innovation to work for you?

Read a detailed overview, points of strength, and technical specifications of the ATOM Flashcut TWINS Series (standard or EMH). You can also contact us for guidance in selecting the model that is right for you. Thank you for trusting Manufacturers Supplies Co. for your business’s die-cutting solutions.

Atom Clicker Press

The Atom Clicker Press has been the most used die cutting machine for over 65 years. With the clicker press coming in several different series, we’re sure to have the machine to meet your production needs. Primarily used for cutting large sheets of material, it functions well with small or large end products.

This die cutting press is most commonly used for cutting leather, footwear, gaskets, foam, rubber, or plastics. To ensure you are getting the most customized machine for your type of die cuts, you can review the details and specifications of each series:

  • SE Series
  • S100 Series
  • Multi-force Series

The SE Series is created to cut different height that doesn’t need to be adjusted. It also has control buttons that go at a 3/10 second maximum delay as a safety feature.

The S100 Series is mostly used for cuts with different heights; it is a very quick and simple way of cutting.

Then we have the Multi-force Series, a more an eco-friendly system that cuts in a way that you use up to 50% less cutting pad.

Regardless of the die cutting clicker press, or other converting system you need, Manufacturers Supplies Co. works directly with manufacturers in Vigevano, Italy to get the machine you need. Visit our site to explore all we have to offer, and give us a call if you have any questions! There is also a form available on our contact us page. Thanks for considering us in your clicker press search!

CHIESA F1 EDI CNC Traveling Head Die Cutting Press

A brand we are proud to carry here at Manufacturers Supplies Co. is CHIESA.  We represent CHIESA because they engineer & manufacture some of the highest quality die cutting machines available.  Chiesa pioneered automatic die cutting and developed the first belt fed die cutting press in the late 1980’s & patented the electrically driven (no hydraulics) CNC automatic cutting press in 2006. Precision and efficiency are to be expected from this industry leader due to their experience and efforts with clients to make a reliable and safe product.

One machine in particular we would like to highlight is the CHIESA F1 EDI CNC Traveling Head Press.  Instead of wondering what this machine can do, wonder what it can’t do!  This servo driven CNC automatic die cutting press has a multitude of outstanding features that will positively impact the bottom line of your business.

  1.        First and foremost this machine has no hydraulics, eliminating the need for excess components associated with them.
  2.       Efficiency does not only lie within the die cutting process, but also within the machine.  Power consumption has been reduced by 50% and the machine is virtually noise free.
  3.       The ball screw driving the cutting head does not require any maintenance. The absence of the hydraulic system avoids the need or servicing of hydraulic oil & filter replacement, gasket & seal wear, high-pressure hoses, pumps, valves etc.
  4.       All electronics will be cool and dust free thanks to an air conditioned electrical cabinet.
  5.       The advanced nesting software allows to calculate, with considerable precision, for each material consumption and time required (thus labor cost) in order to make accurate simulations of the cutting cost, enabling better production planning and more precise offers to customers.
  6.       Most importantly, automatic die changing, accurate die setting and rapid die set up are all things that make this machine stand out.  Die setting is in range of .01mm, set up is as simple as entering the tool height and automation allows for pre-programming and daily production scheduling.

This machine is invaluable to those in the gasket, abrasive & automotive industries, as this press were designed specifically for them.  Businesses can expect significant labor, operating, material, and time savings.

If you have any questions after reviewing the page detailing this traveling head press (see link above), or would like to arrange for in-house demonstration at one of our locations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for reading!

IMESA Laminators

In this blog post we’d like to focus on a few increasingly popular machines at Manufacturers Supplies Co.  These are our IMESA Laminators & Laminating Systems.

IMESA Laminators come with a wealth of options for single, double sided or multi-layer lamination of adhesive products to foams, rubber, cork, adhesive tapes, textiles, graphite, composites and many more.

Our current laminator machines are as follows:

  •          K1 Easy Laminator-This is an economical, compact, entry level machine that does everything you need it to, and more.  Some standard features include: variable operating speeds, and a PLC Touchscreen for operating and an entrance table with adjustable inclination.
  •          IMESA K1 DS Double Sided Laminator-If you’re in need of something that can apply self-adhesive papers or films to either side of various materials, this is an excellent choice.  It sets itself apart from the easy laminator with capabilities for both roll and sheet form.  Although it is a step above the Easy laminator, it still remains cost effective.
  •          KK1 Laminating System-The KK1 laminating system combines adhesive laminating capabilities with in-line slitting and sheeting capabilities.  The machine is simple, and standard features include: A powered material unwind with loop sensor, motor, and mechanical brake, an automatic material web guide system with precise edge control, an infra-red preheating station and a variable counter, along with a variety of adjustable in-slitting options including scissor cut (blade & counter-blade), pressure cut (air score) and semi-automatic transversal slitting (guillotine) for creating sheets or sets.
  •          KK2 Multi-Layer Composite Laminating System-The most advanced of all the systems we carry is the KK2.  It has the same features as the KK1, but also lamination abilities to manufacture custom composites from a wide variety of materials.  This adhesive based lamination system has benefits for the environment, line speeds, specificity and non-foam materials can be used.

The dedicated page for each machine on our website goes into much further detail about features and specifications.  Some machines even contain a video displaying the product and its functionality.  We encourage you to visit each page as they may answer your initial questions, and afterwards please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

FEBA Slitters & Rewinders

Through each of our blog posts we’ve discussed certain products, from certain suppliers.  One that we have yet to discuss is FEBA, whose full range of equipment is supplied through Manufacturers Supplies Co.

A machine that FEBA has mastered is the Single Knife Log Slitters.  This is proven through the 5 different models they’ve developed.  Each of these machines has its differences, but they all contain cutting edge technology (literally!)

Thanks to their innovations, Lathe Slitting cycles are now automatic.  Automatic positioning, automatic self-centering, automatic blade axis angle, and the operator doesn’t even need to set the traversing stops for the slitting head!  What is the result of all this?  A shorter cycle time, and less costs for your company. 

All of this has been achieved through working with automation and electronic specialists in Milan, Italy and using EMDS (Electro-Magnetic Displacement System) in a different application.  EMDS lifts the slitting head, and performs the slitting action!

Types of FEBA Single Knife Log Slitters and their primary uses:

  1.        F300 EL-For distributors and converters of adhesive tapes, vinyl tapes, textiles, laminates, paper, PVC, more
  2.        F 400-For converters and manufacturers of pressure sensitive and technical tapes, foam and rubber, gasket and cork materials, polyethylene
  3.        F 600-tapes,foams,non-asbetos,cork materials,roofing membranes, more
  4.        F 720-A wide variety of materials. (see above link)
  5.        F1000-Large (Jumbo) Diameter foam materials

It is also important to mention the Automatic loggers/log winders, and other slitters & rewinders that we carry. FEBA Converting Machinery Srl engineers & manufactures innovative & highly productive semi-automatic & fully automatic slitters-rewinders & log-winders for the converting a full range of adhesive and non-adhesive materials. FEBA develops advanced, proven technologies that increase production, simplify operations, significantly reduce downtime, and provide outstanding finished roll quality. The FEBA duplex and turret style slitting & rewinding systems & log winders are commonly used for converting transfer tapes, masking tapes, BOPP, filament tape, duct tape, double-sided adhesive tapes, foam tapes, protective, laminated & self-adhesive materials, polyesters, PVC, labels, graphic materials, textiles and similar products.

Manufacturers Supplies Co. and FEBA have teamed up to provide any slitting & rewinding products your business may need to improve its profitability. If you have a machine you’re interested in, please contact us!

Guidolin RO Laser Cutting System

Say you want to process complex geometries, but sometimes you need to process simple ones too.  You don’t want to go the route of hard tooling because it’s slower and you will spend more money.  Introducing the Guidolin RO Laser Cutting System, created with your needs in mind.

When considering a Guidolin Girotto product, experience is at the forefront of the description.  It’s the reason they’re considered specialists in cutting systems, and part of why Manufacturers Supplies Co. works with them.  They stand true to their reputation with the RO laser.

The capabilities of this machine include cut speeds up to 5080 mm/sec and web speeds of up to 100 M/Min.  As fast as the machine performs, the quality does not suffer at all because of the concentrated laser beam that doesn’t apply pressure.  They’ve put accuracy into numbers with +/- .05mm accuracy.  The laser can be anywhere between 100-400 watts, and can handle virtually any geometry.   All of this can be managed through the PC workstation.

In short this machine will increase production while minimizing waste and maintenance to save your business money.  It’s powerful, flexible, yet still precise.  For technical specifications, additional points of strength, videos, and all of the modular stations and optional systems, visit the RO Lasers page (link above.)  If you’re interested in other converting systems, feel free to explore!  For additional questions you can use our forms on the website, or give us a call!