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Specialists in Precision Cutting & Converting Technologies
Providing Solutions Since 1907

ATOM & CHIESA Die Cutting Presses

Manufacturers Supplies Company, in partnership with Europe’s leading die cutting equipment manufacturers, provides cutting solutions for companies throughout various industrial sectors including; abrasives, automotive interiors, composites, foam & packaging, footwear & leather goods, gaskets, medical, textiles & many more. Whether companies require maximum throughput of finished components or special applications with complex production requirements, MSC will accommodate the customer’s requests to find the optimal solution to improve their current or future manufacturing process. MSC markets a variety of die cutting presses & systems from the traditional ATOM Clicker Press to the more sophisticated CHIESA CNC Traveling Head Press with the patented EDI Technology – Servo Driven Cutting Head without the use of hydraulic components - & PIT STOP automatic tool changing device.

GROUP STRENGTH – Specialists in Innovative Technologies – Cutting Away with the Past.

ATOM SpA & Chiesa Artorige (Vigevano, IT), with over 60 years of experience in the die cutting equipment sector aiming to offer their clients an even superior technical & commercial service, united their forces & skills in 2012 to start a new collaboration. This joint venture will allow ATOM, CHIESA & their group affiliates throughout the world the ability to offer their clients the most complete range of die cutting presses & systems for a wide variety of industrial markets.

Established in 1958, ATOM SpA – Vigevano Italy - has become the world’s leading manufacturer of die cutting presses & systems. With over 250,000 oil dynamic clicker presses in production today, the ATOM name has become a symbol of quality, reliability & technology in the cutting world.

Chiesa Artorige Srl has been manufacturing cutting presses in Vigevano, IT for over 50 years and is considered the market leader for industrial die cutting applications – particularly for the abrasive, gasket, foam & automotive markets. Chiesa pioneered automatic die cutting and developed the first belt fed diecutting press in the late 1980’s & patented the electrically driven (no hydraulics) CNC automatic cutting press in 2006 .

Listed below is the die cutting presses currently manufactured by ATOM SpA & Chiesa Artorige; the most complete line of cutting systems in the world.

ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Presses: The ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Presses are the ideal press for die cutting sheets of various materials with small cutting dies. The “swing arm” can easily be moved left-right to assure maximum visibility of the material & the collection of the cut pieces. The most interesting feature of the ATOM swing-arm clicker presses is the hydraulic system, designed and patented by ATOM. It allows our machines to generate a cutting power up to 25 tons using an electric motor of just 1 HP, therefore electric power absorption is very limited.

ATOM Traveling Head Die Cutting Presses: The ATOM hydraulic traveling head presses are versatile machines that utilize both small & medium cutting dies to cut material in both roll or sheet form. The operator manually places the tool on the material & uses electrical controls to position the platen over the die to produce the cut. The main features of the ATOM Traveling Head Die Cutting Presses are: high speed of trolley displacement & cutting, automatic adjustment of cutting power, dynamic brake system, low maintenance costs, low power absorption, consistent cutting power, and advanced control & safety systems on CE certified models.

Chiesa Hydraulic Up-Stroke Cutting Presses: The Chiesa Hydraulic Up-Stroke Heated Platen & Cutting Presses are versatile machines able to support total cutting & kiss-cutting, crease/seal applications, molding & trimming, plating, printing & embossing a wide range of products, both natural & synthetic. Ideally suited for textiles & non-woven materials, foams & synthetic fibers used for insulation & sound dampening properties, vacuum formed plastics, blister packaging, pre-printed graphics, leather & many more.

ATOM & CHIESA Full Beam Die Cutting Presses: The ATOM & CHIESA line of Full Head Beam Die Cutting Presses are widely used when high cutting power and/or large cutting dies are required. They can handle both single and multiple shape cutting dies with cutting powers ranging from 77 to 330 tons, with various feeding systems & platen dimensions optimized for several different applications & industries.

CHIESA CNC Traveling Head Die Cutting Systems: The CHIESA 2 & 3 axis servo controlled CNC die cutting systems are extremely efficient “cutting robots”; granting power, precision & speed. The robust structure & the quality of the mechanical components allow cutting speeds up to 100 strokes per minute, with a precision of +/- 0.1mm which increases material utilization. The powerful nesting software calculates each material consumption and time required (thus labor cost) in order to produce precise simulations of the cutting cost, enabling improved production planning & more accurate offers to customers.