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Adhesives and Adhesive Coating Systems

Manufacturers Supplies Co. supplies a wide variety of adhesives and adhesive coating systems for the various converting industries. We supply machinery such as edge folders, hot melt roll coaters, top side coaters, hot melt spray, edge coaters, sheet cementers, STB cementers, solvent cementers, label cementers and in line laminating equipment. These machines can be used for the application of a wide variety of coating and glue including water base adhesives, latex cement, solvent base glue, hot animal glue, hot melt adhesive, wax cured coating and ultraviolet cured coating.

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These adhesive systems have been used in wide variety of converting industries including: automotive, aerospace, packaging, corrugated, foam, paper, leather, plastic, gasket and many other similar fields. Listed below are the systems we currently have available:
    Edge Folding Equipment: COMELZ Programmable Thermo Edge Folding machinery were designed for the folding of products for the shoe and leather industry, the automotive industry (interior trim), aerospace industry, and for the various packaging industries.

    Roller Coating Equipment: This series of hot melt rollcoaters can be used to apply pressure sensitive hot melts as well as most other types of hot melt adhesives. These rollcoaters are available in sizes ranging from 3"-9"-13"-14"-26" and 40".

    Top Side Coating Equipment: Most gluing and coating machinery apply adhesive to the bottom section of the product but our top side coaters were designed to apply an adhesive to the top surface. This unique feature allows glued parts to be handled by the dry surface, which makes this machine ideal for application to conveyerized gluing and coating lines.

    Hot Melt Spray Equipment: Our Hot Melt Spray equipment can be used in virtually any industry which involves the coating of a product. These hot melt tools can either spray or extrude a hot melt adhesive and are available in hand held or bulk units.

Adhesive Size Guide
PAMFAST Adhesive Quick Reference Guide

    Edge Coaters: Edge Coaters are gluing machines designed for the application of an adhesive along the edge of a part. This type of machine has an open end which allows the adhesive to coat the edge of the product or the entire surface of the product.

    Sheet Cementers: Our sheet cementers are adhesive roller coating machines that are used to apply a thin layer of adhesive to the bottom surface of sheeted materials. The primary application for this type of cementing machine is the gluing of large labels or printed sheets for mounting to corrugated, chipboard or foam core board.

    STB Cementers: The STB cementer is a low cost adhesive roll coating machine designed for coating thin parts with a water based adhesive. It can be used to apply water based adhesive, heat seal coating and latex adhesive.

    Solvent Cementers: Our solvent cementing machines are roll coaters developed especially for the application of solvent based adhesives. The machine is able to apply heavy bodied solvent cement and rubber cement that will not run properly in most coating machines.

    Label Cementers: Label Cementer MS is used for coating paper labels applying a thin layer of adhesive on the back surface of the label. This machine can use water based adhesives such as vegetable glue, PVA, EVA resin cement and casein glue.

    Smoothing Presses: The smoothing press is a rotary lamination press used to squeeze and adhesive coated sheet to a substrate.

    Adhesives: Manufacturers Supplies Co. carries a wide range of adhesives for all your industrial applications including water based and hot melt which provide excellent bond strengths with a proven track record. All of our adhesives have been formulated for use in all of our coating systems.